Learning Tools: for Simultaneous Learning
about NEURON and nerve functioning

In order to actually RUN these "Digital Neurons" simulations, NEURON must be installed on the local machine on which the network browser is run. Mosaic or Netscape can be be told to use NEURON as a type of "viewer".

If you are familiar with the material here, you may want to jump ahead to examples of Digital Neurons

This chapter exploits the combined power of NEURON with that of the http server. It provides a new kind of learning environment where one can read about neurophysiological problems in the Users Manual and, without leaving it, run a simulation via a hyperlink to NEURON application programs (HOC and session files which have been linked and "zipped" together and given a suffix of .nrn ). A view of the links involved is shown here.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a few examples for the user to:

Towards this goal, I have tried to lower the energy barriers as much as possible and have made available several relatively simple programs, packaged with saved sessions of panels. This will allow you to concentrate on the neurophysiology and delay the learning required to set them up by yourself.

Therefore, for this chapter, you will NOT need to learn how to program but you may need to refer to some chapters in the Users Manual for guidance. Those sections of the Users Manual which will probably be most useful to you deal with NEURON's features and may be directly accessed via hyper links from here.

HOWEVER much of this can also be accomplished without leaving the NEURON interface. You can learn to use NEURON's graphic interface quite well pushing buttons to see what happens and thus teach yourself. This may the preferrable way.

Now on to the sample Digital Neurons