Kenneth Stewart Cole (July 10,1900 - - - April 18, 1984)
was affectionaltely known as Kacy* by his colleagues and friends. Others, hearing this nickname, assumed that this stood for his initials and refer to him as K. C. Cole. Here is a photo which he gave me on his 65th birthday.

Kacy's most famous illustration is simultaneous records of the action potential and impedance change in a squid axon (with Curtis in 1939, J. G. Physiol. 22: 649) This elegant figure is known internationally and widely used, for example:
  • It is the logo for the Membrane Biophysics Group of the Biophysical Society and on it's K. S. Cole Award medal.
  • It is also used by the Membrane and Cell Biophysics Group at the University of Washington.

    It has also appeared, rotated 90 degrees, in Swedish apartments as modern art.

    His work extended over decades and is summarized in his famous book and memoirs entitled Membranes, Ions, and Impulses(1968). Univ. of California Press. Several of the figures in this chapter are taken from this volume. Kacy was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson. In the photo seen by clicking here, he stands to Johnson's left. Behind Kacy is Jesse Beams, of the Physics Dept. of the Univ. of Virginia, who was my mentor for my PhD. degree there.

    I plan to fill in more detail here on Kacy at a later date.