Copyright (c) 1994 J. W. Moore and M. L Hines

Although we are still in the process of modification and editing, we are allowing access to the beta (0.95) versions of completed chapters (we are still updating chapters to follow updates in the program). In return, we would like comments and suggestions for improvements in any way.


Part I. Users Manual - by John W. Moore

0. Prolog
1. Introduction
2. Brief history of Computational Neuroscience
3. Professional Style for Simulations
4. Stages of NEURON's Development
5. Organization and Operation of NEURON
6. Digital Neurons -- Dissected, cleaned and ready for experiments
7. Programing Simulations
8. Simulation Control and Plotting
9. Data Analysis
10. Model Description Language by Michael L. Hines

Last update Oct 19, 1995