Chapter 9. Data Analysis and Fitting

9.1 Parameter Fitting

9.2 Fitting experimental curves with models

9.3 Evaluating fitting routines

A recent (summer of '96) addition to NEURON has been the inclusion of new facilities to analyze and fit data. Two types of fitting are offered upon clicking on the "Miscellaneous" button on the NEURON Main Panel.
Each choice brings up a panel with parameter controls and other buttons with a graphic window attached below. The graphic window has all of the functionalities available with a right mouse button pressure (as in simulation plots) for customizing the display.

Data format

Both fitters input data arranged as two colums of ascii numbers preceeded with a single line giving the number of pairs for the fitter to expect. This is the general form of any curve generated by NEURON which you "Print to a File" as Ascii. You will need to edit the header of such a file to remove the line or two of descriptive text.