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If the applet doesn't load, or gives an error like (check the 'java console')
file not found:java/awt/event/ActionListener.class
that means you haven't got recent enough java support in your browser (even if it claims to run java 1.1). If you install the latest version and it still doesn't work, please let me know. rcc1@soton.ac.uk

The 4.05 version of netscape with java 1.1 for Windows works OK. The same version for the mac does not support the java 1.1 event model, so at present it can't run this applet. Netscape 4.05 for most flavours of unix seems to work fine.

The viewer is written in java1.1. The October 97 release of netscape navigator (version 4.03) for Windows 95 and Windows NT can run java 1.1 once you install a patch. (Yes, you still need the patch with 4.04). See the Netscape java support page for instructions on installing the patch. Once you've installed the patch, reload this page and the viewer should appear below.

Some unix versions which support java1.1 are available from netscape.

To load a file over the web, click the "fetch list" button near the top right, then select a cell from the menu that appears. Consult the usage notes for further information.

To change the size of the window use the "float" button at the top - this will give you a free-floating window that you can resize at will.

Robert Cannon
Last modified: Fri Aug 28 09:37:45 1998