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Neuronal Morphology

This site is intended to facilitate the free exchange of data between groups studying neuronal morphology. All comments and suggestions would be very welcome - rcc1@soton.ac.uk A description of the archive is to appear in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods (in press). The archive is separate from the contributed data it contains: if you use cells from the archive in a publication please refer to the contributor's original publication of that data. References are included with each cell.

New - September 22nd 98 Version 1.2 of the cell editor cvapp.
March 26th 1988: The cell viewing and editing software runs as an applet for java1.1 enabled browsers.

There are three components to the archive:

Morphology editor - cvapp

One tool does everything - download it here.

Usage instrictions are included with the viewer. Briefly, its main features are:

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