Browser Instructions Instruct your browser how to run NEURON simulations from the Web

NEURON simulations for for transmission over the internet have been especially packaged and saved as files with ".nrn" extensions to be run with a browser's hyperlink. In order to Start a simululation linked with the ".nrn" extension, your browser needs to run a special form of NEURON called mos2nrn.exe. You must instruct your browser to launch this form which unzips the package in a temporary directory and then runs NEURON.

Any good internet browser should suffice. Nevertheless Netscape 2, 3, or 4 is recommended because:

  • Netscape is the only browser which runs on PC, Mac, and Unix platforms (as does NEURON)
  • instructions are included here for telling these browsers how to launch NEURON
  • difficulties with MS Internet Explorer:
    a. in instructing this browser to launch NEURON
    b. interactions with updated Windows 95 cause frequent crashing of PCs

    For Netscape 2 & 3, this is done as follows: (For Netscape 4 click here).

    • Click on "Options",then "General Preferences", then "Helpers".
      You should see a panel such as shown here.
    • Click on the "Create New Type" button.
      A panel labeled "Configure New Mime Type" (see image below "Preferences" image)
      will appear on top of the Preferences menu.

    • Fill in the blanks in "Configure New Mime Type" as shown here.

    • Press "OK". This panel will disappear.

    • Complete the "Helper" panel as follows.
    • Fill in the "File Extension" with nrn.
    • Click the "Launch the Application".
    • Fill in field below it as shown in the illustration.
    • Then click on OK.

    For Netscape 4 , this is done in the "Applications" menu as follows:

    • Click on "Edit", then "Preferences".
      You should see a panel such as shown here.
    • Click on "Applications" under "Navigator".
      Click on the button labeled " New Type" and a new panel
      will appear (see smaller image below "Preferences" image).

    • Fill in the blanks in "New Type" as shown here.

    • Then click on OK.
    • Click on OK on the Preferences panel.